Photo Contemporary’s mission is to present only the most current, bold, and significant photography from galleries across the globe.

The annual showcase sets itself apart from other popular art fairs with its vast roster of contemporary artists and its intentional exclusion of the classic, vintage photography that follows an academic and traditional style seen regularly at fairs by our audiences. Photo Contemporary is an art fair where exhibiting galleries are focusing on bold emerging and seasoned artists who are breaking the rules and challenging our definitions of the medium.

Photo Contemporary is an annual fair that provides a platform for galleries to present their collections to global decision makers — curators, collectors, editors and publishers — who seek to acquire, publish and commission the best works from today’s innovative photographers.

Drawing from the success of Photo Independent and the demand it drew for more gallery involvement, Photo Contemporary is set to fill a void of contemporary art fairs exclusively focusing on current, bold, ground-breaking work. Aligning with Photo Independent’s second edition and taking place just steps away from Paris Photo Los Angeles, Photo Contemporary’s 2015 inaugural debut is positioned to draw an unprecedented number of attendees.

The art fair will house the works of various international galleries in one of Raleigh Studios legendary studio stages in Hollywood, California on May 1-3, 2015. We invite you to come view a visual montage of today’s diverse photographic landscape from the world’s most inspiring, contemporary talent.

Photo Contemporary is produced by Fabrik Media, publisher of contemporary art and design magazine, FABRIK, and a multifaceted publishing and marketing agency that supports artists and their mediums. Working with a talented and passionate network of publishers, dealers, curators and arts professionals, Fabrik Media is proud to provide artists with professional opportunities to have their work exhibited, published and represented through various outlets including Photo Contemporary.