Tatiana Botton Dune2

Dunes # 2, 2010. ©Tatiana Botton

bG Gallery
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Santa Monica

bG gallery specializes in artists who have crossed traditionally contentious art ideologies. The post modern era raised questions about the importance of originality and genre. We believe that an ‘anything goes’ answer to these questions has led to short lived market trends that are unfair to the investors and artists that get caught up in them. A more appropriate response to the postmodern quandary is an exploration of basic truths that survive through multiple genres and movements. bG Gallery strives to foster, establish, and secure the careers of artists producing truthful works of art high in cognitive and emotional content.

Artists Represented
Dan Busta
Ryan Schude
Susie Loucks
Tatiana Botton
Renée Jacobs
Darren Saravis